We are independent and represent only the interests of the farmers.

Founded by farmers
eAgronom was first created by Robin when his father needed a digital solution to manage his farm. They had explored the market and couldn't find anything reliable that could help their farm with everyday management. When the yearly inspection visited the farm, they were stunned: “Wow! You should share the program with other farmers!” Until today, the software is independent in terms that it is financed by farmers and represent the interests of farmers only.
Efficient management for thousands of farmers
The public software was launched in September 2016. In only six months, eAgronom was used by 60% of Estonian grain producers. Today, farmers from Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany use the software to manage their farms more efficiently. In total, eAgronom is used for managing more than 500 000 ha of grain producing land.
Secure and progressive
We have built a strong team of more than 40 people who are working every day for the farmers.
Empowers thousands of grain producers today already
Farmers have said that there are three main benefits from using eAgronom.
More time during season
You as a farmer are doing the same tasks that you would regularly do but with remarkably less data entry. And the right decisions could be made already before the season - a large part of the software is for planning the best season ahead exactly how you're used to doing it.
Real-time overview
For managers and agronomists overview of the whole company, complete overview of upcoming tasks for tractor operators, inventory for accountants, etc.
You can learn from the mistakes and successes of the previous seasons.
Right decisions need data
We aim to provide net cost analysis and profit per hectare. The challenge in farming is that most of the data that could be used for these analysis is collected when farmers are busiest. Thus, while we move forward with better analysis and decision making tools, you're collecting data only if it
saves your time during busy season or
gives you real-time overview of your farm or
is 100% automatic.
Technologies already exists
Beyond the digital tools that already today give a lot of business value for every farmer without any extra investments, there are many existing technologies that eAgronom will provide for farmers in the near future. For example
Precise farming recommendations
Return of equity analysis
Market prices for buying products and selling collected crops
Overview of field situation by satellite and drone images
Fertilisation, yield, soil, land quality, and other maps
Two-way integrations with tractors, harvesters, and other machinery
Collective product purchases
Team is important
More than 40 talented people are working every day for the farmers. We have a story to tell. Are you ready?
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