Farm managing for grain producers

eAgronom is a farm management system built to help you grow business revenue by making the right decisions.

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Deciding which crops to grow and tasks to do in 2018?

eAgronom gives you the best overview to make up the best plan.

Choose the optimal amount of fertilisers based on your own field needs
Never worry about the grant rules
Get the best price quota for the products

Previously I had everything in 10 Excel tables, now everything is in one place, fast and easy.

Rubert S., Estonia Rubert S., Estonia

Feeling busy during the season?

Get real-time overview of tasks progress with no effort.

Always know which tasks are done and never miss a field
Minimise risk that workers make wrong decisions
Field diary, fertilisation and crop protection plan are always filled in automatically for you

Great job by your team, I don't know what to do with all the free time I have!

Tiina L., Estonia Tiina L., Estonia

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