Getting started options
There are two options to start testing eAgronom with your own farm fields, crops and task.
First option: Get introduction from local advisor
Contact a person who will put you in contact with the closest local sales representative who will give you a demo and help you to get started.
Heili Strite
Heili Strite
Head of International Sales
call +372 5362 9365
Heili Strite
Marta Markote
Head of Customer Success
call +371 66 163 395
email [email protected].com
Second option: Follow step-by-step guide on your own
Follow step-by-step guide and tutorials. We have excellent customer support who can help you with anything if necessary.
Start on your own arrow_forward
It will take about 10 minutes
Is there a catch?
No, not really. We really want you to have more free time, better overview of your farm activities and great analysis tools. You do the same tasks you would normally do, eAgronom aggregates these data together to empower your decision making and save time on things that machine could do automatically, like filling in government reports.
I don't know how to use computer
That is OK. The average age of eAgronom users is 55 years young. You will get personal help by a real person who will teach to use everything. We aim to make the software as simple as possible.
How much does it cost?
You don't have to pay anything to try out eAgronom. Nothing obliges you to use the software if it is not useful for your company. Should you find it useful for your farm, our sales representative will give you the best price based on your farm needs. For the small amount, you will get personal, responsive and professional support. The software is in constant in development by professional IT-experts who are highly motivated to improve the software for every user. You can check out the team in our vision page.
How much time will it take me?
Learning the first e-habits takes probably more time in the beginning than the current practices you are having in your farm. But once you’ve learned the basics, farmers often say that they don’t know what to do with their free time anymore!
You cannot do everything with eAgronom
We would love to hear your feedback! Everything that is currently available and will be available in the future is built by the feedback of farmers who use eAgronom. Our development team is constantly growing to provide the best experience for farmers. eAgronom will never be ready - that means that we will constantly be growing bigger and better.