Today’s mainstream farming practices are not sustainable – Earth’s population continues to grow, which puts pressure on food systems.

That means more demand and less supply – farmers should be happy and rich, unfortunately, this isn’t true!

Most farmers in the European Union rely on subsidies to make ends meet. In additional, at current the rate, there are only 40-60 harvests left in the EU and North-America due to serious soil degeneration. (source)

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Global challenges facing agriculture

  • Farmers struggle with low profitability and have limited access to independent agri-business expertise.
  • Land farming accounts for 15% of Global GHG emissions, while soil health is in decline.

Carbon credits will accelerate farm digitalisation and create a $10B global market

Driving adoption of advanced digital Farm Management System functionalities and boost ACV growth and attach farms to specific platforms.

  • eAgronom Carbon Programme will deliver and sell 1st carbon credits in 2021
  • Our 1500 paying clients manage 1M hectares of grain-land
  • 100K ha have signed exclusive carbon program pre-agreements
  • eAgronom is uniquely positioned to reach and unlock grower carbon market with digital tools to set new monitoring & transparency standards and scalable AI-assisted digital carbon advisory model.

Bringing world-class agronomical knowledge    to every farmer

Fortunately, there are a small number of farmers who earn good profits in a sustainable way, and who also convert CO2 into the soil. But achieving this requires deep expertise in both agronomy and agribusiness. World-class farm managers are very expensive, often costing up to $150K a year. eAgronom uses technology to make that same expertise available at 1/10th of the cost.

eAgronom brings AI-assisted farm management solutions to grain producers:

  • AI-assisted digital agronomy advice

  • Reduces farm carbon footprint

  • Increases farm profitability

  • Unlocks access to wider grower base with carbon

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Our yields are definitely higher this year, we got double the wheat, 4 tons of oats and rape is the most beautiful I have seen – 1.4 tons/ha. It’s all the little details that Simon suggested. He also suggested wasting less money on pointless fertilizers.

Madis Pajo
550 ha organic farmer

#1 Farm Management Software in active and paying users in CEE

We are developing the world’s most advanced AI-based decision support toolkit that leverages prescriptive analytics to increase productivity.

  • Agronomical planning – crop rotation, inventory, task plans, and financial analysis.
  • People management – tracking working hours, giving work orders.
  • AI alerts and Suggestions – AI crop planner, business appraisals, task timing.
  • Consultation – top of the field agribusiness consultants.
  • Scouting & NDVI – keep a close eye on your fields at all time and communicate with your advisors and agronomists seamlessly through eAgronom.
  • Easy-to-use software – you don’t have to be a tech wizard to use eAgronom: we keep it clear and intuitive.
  • Integrated sensors – eAgronom clients have a unique opportunity to take advantage of the latest generation of soil and air sensors with no moving parts.

eAgronom is being developed together with farmers, which makes it really farmer-friendly application to use.

Tonis Ajaots,
2000 ha seed producer

Team that is committed to the vision

Robin Saluoks

Founder, CEO


  • Son of a successful farmer
  • Founder and CEO of edtech company with over 50 employees

Stenver Jerkku

Founder, COO


  • Senior Develompent Manager in Glia (post B round entity)
  • Vice President of Estonian Founders Society

Kristjan Luha

Founder, CCO


  • Global VP of Football Marketplace
  • VP/GM of Nike Russia and Nike Greece

Margus Niitsoo



  • PhD in Computer Science at age 24 (youngest PhD in Estonia)
  • Co-CEO and Lead Engineer in MatchMySound for 6 years. Successful exit.

Simon Boughton

Head agronomist


  • 40 years of experience in agri-business
  • Complete restructuring of Agromino’s Ukrainian and Russian branches. From operating with losses to 4 million € profits in 2 years.
  • Advising CropIO (exit to Syngenta) and VitalFields (exit to Monsanto) in product development.

Malcolm Sedgwick

Carbon Program Lead


  • 20 years in environmental consulting with strong agricultural background (Umwelt, Hyder Consulting)
  • 12 years focused on carbon management, GHG accounting, carbon offset plans & methodologies.

And over 40 highly skilled professionals and leaders

eAgronom brings together top talents from companies like Stripe, Heap Analytics, Nortal, Cybernetica, TransferWise, and ZeroTurnaround, who are passionate about making the world a better place by helping farmers make smarter decisions.

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Case studies show a proven track record

  • Decreases application of fertilizers by at least 35% and herbicides by 25%.
  • Increases average crop yield by up to 4% in the following rotation year.
  • Saves 2.5% on labor costs by optimizing in-farm logistics.

We have a scalable model

#1 farm management SaaS platform in Poland, Latvia and Estonia.

LTV/CAC ratio has reached 6, with a clear path to double digits in the next 12 months.

Launched an AI-based digital advisory service at the end of 2019 and scaled to 20% of ARR.


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Current Traction:

  • €1 000 000$ ARR (3-year CAGR 135%)
  • 1 000 000 paid hectares globally
  • Over 1500 clients in 7 countries – Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, and Australia.

Current VCs and Angels


eAgronom investors

United for a common cause

Global population is set to reach 10B by 2050.

The world needs 70% higher yields to meet the demand.

Together we can help.

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