Satellite NDVI

Everyone knows you need to get out onto the paddocks to see problems with your own eyes.

But scouting is hard and time-consuming

Most farmers scout blindly.

  • How do you know where to go?
  • If you drive on the road, how can you see problems in the centres of paddocks?

It’s even harder to find new problems as they arise during the season.


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Scouting with Satellite NDVI

The fastest way to find trouble spots on the paddock!

  • You can use past data to find problem areas
  • Or discover new problem areas as they appear during the season
  • With 10m satellite images, nobody in the market offers better resolution

Cloud data is filtered out

  • Don’t waste your time on bad pictures.

If you find a problem – take pictures with the eAgronom mobile app

  • Our consultants will gladly help you deal with it!

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