A common software platform for agronomist and farm manager

Farmers and agronomists are a team, but teams can only work well if they can communicate effectively. That’s what eAgronom is for.

How does it work?

The farmer is nominated as the owner of the farm in their eAgronom account. Once the account is set up, there’s a role for the agronomist, too.
As the agronomist, you’ll log into the account the same as the farmer and will have access to the information relevant to you.

Making Plans

You and the farmer build and adjust the crop plan together using the same platform.

Keep track of historical crop information and plan crop rotations for up to five years into the future. If the circumstances change, fixing the plan takes a click or two.

Getting to work

Both you and the farmer can plan tasks. If your farmer decides to spray a certain product or spread a certain fertiliser on some date, you can make changes or suggestions right in the app. Do it either on the mobile or the desktop.

See the costs and application rates, and edit the schedule and timeline of operations. Because you’re on the same platform, there’s no double data entry.

Stocking Up

As you and your farmer build task plans, eAgronom uses the application rates you specify to calculate how much of each product to buy. When you’re ready, either of you can export the list and start shopping.


The farmer is out for a fieldwalk and notices something. A growth or a spot on a plant doesn’t look quite right. Maybe the farmer doesn’t recognize a weed. The farmer can take a photo of the issue and generate a scouting report.

The next time you log in to your eAgronom system as an agronomist, you can take a look and suggest a treatment.

Gathering Data, Remotely

Powerful satellite crop imaging tools like NDVI, NRI, and NDWI are at your disposal.

Keep track of accumulated rainfall, soil temperature and weather right in your eAgronom account

Analysing the Season

The harvest is over and Christmas is coming, but it’s never too early to start thinking about next year. eAgronom takes all of the data from your season and presents it to you in a clear, helpful way.

By comparing gross margin, seed and input costs, labour costs, and yield of various paddocks it’s easy to identify what went well, as well as areas you think you can improve.

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