Mobile app for farm workers

“The mobile app is easy to use and to understand. I do not have to call the manager to ask what should be done and where, how much of fertilizers and crop protection to use. All is noted down in the assigned task.

I tend to forget some stuff when writing down in the notebook, however, with the mobile app, there is no such problem.

The only problems occur when the manager has not assigned any tasks :)”


Edmunds Andriekus,
a worker at a 200 ha farm

We’ve got you covered

In the morning

There is no need for meetings in the morning or worry about notes written on paper getting lost during the day. In a couple of taps on your phone’s screen you have full overview of your upcoming day:

  • Simple and always up-to-date tasklist
  • Map of fields to plan logistics for the day
  • Overview of which products to use

During the workday

eAgronom has a mobile application that enables you to:

  • Easily find the fastest route to your fields
  • Never forget the task details – products and application rates
  • Mark tasks as done right from the field
  • Mark harvesting loads without paper
  • Make notes about the tasks

After the work is done

At the end of the workday, you don’t have to worry about having to report back to your manager about the tasks you finished and the comments you have – eAgronom takes care of that for you.

All you have to do is…

Go back home to your family and get the well-deserved rest!


Getting some rest during the active season sounds too good to be true?

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