What Is Farm Management Software and Who Is It For?

In Ratatouille, Alfredo Linguini’s cooking is magically improved with the help of a rat blessed with extraordinary culinary skills. Cinderella went from rags to riches thanks to her fairy godmother. Puss in Boots helped his master gain the hand of a princess in marriage. Farming today poses far greater challenges than the protagonists of these children’s stories, starting from demanding physical environments to dealing with time-consuming paperwork.

Maybe you’ve dreamed of your own little helper? A solution to overcome these challenges, bring greater efficiency, lower production costs, and higher profits to your business while giving you more time with your family? Perhaps to be able to take some time to read your children some bedtime stories? Luckily, such solutions exist – no magic wands or abracadabra required. The answer? Farm management software.

Managing Paddock Maps With a Farm Management Software
Managing Paddock Maps With a Farm Management Software

What Is Farm Management Software?

Farm management software includes websites, mobile apps, and computer programmes built for the farming sector and helps the farmer make more informed production and operational decisions:

  • Aids in day to day organisation
  • Makes it easier to manage workers
  • Improves farm record-keeping
  • Helps to comply with regulatory requirements
  • Reduces modern farming’s impact on the environment
  • Monitors and analyses the seasons, farm activities and costs for greater efficiency and profitability

There are various farm management systems on the market, each of which include more generalised solutions for those working in multi-sector farming as well as options for single sector operations.

Budgeting and forecasting software

Designed for planning financial resources; estimating future revenues and expenses. It enables farmers, accountants, and bankers to work together by giving them real-time access to data.

Commodity management software

Used for managing commodity inventories, commodity management software tracks and reports cash flow, logistics and financials for more efficient sales and marketing.

Precision agriculture software

Precision agriculture software ensures profitability, efficiency, and sustainability by making farming activities more accurate and controlled by incorporating technology such as drones, GPS-based soil sampling and automated hardware.

Livestock and mixed farming software

Livestock and mixed farming software enable farmers to record livestock throughout their lifecycle. It can track animal inventory – including numbers and measurables – pasture rotations, grazing, and feeding plans, and provide financial tracking to record livestock sales profits.

Broadacre cropping software

Designed for crop management, broadacre cropping software monitors and optimises crop production. It helps with audits- and compliance reports, keeps the field and crop records up to date and provides a way for farmers, workers and agronomists to collaborate.

The ideal solution should be reliable, intuitive and easy to use so that you can relax and concentrate on innovating your business rather than be stuck under the paperwork. But first and foremost, it should ensure its users’ data privacy. Mobile apps and offline and online capabilities of new generation cloud-based apps offer real-time data sharing. They allow farmers to keep an eye on the business wherever they are and delegate tasks to save even more valuable time.

Tracking Inventory Transactions With a Farm Management Software
Tracking Inventory Transactions With a Farm Management Software

Who Needs Farm Management Software?

Farm management solutions are for anyone who wants a better overview of their business, save time and money and be more environmentally friendly. You don’t have to be involved in a large-scale operation to reap the benefits. Being able to make decisions supported by data, having more accurate farm records, and the possibility of tracking and monitoring farm activities in real-time do not only increase profits but also lead to more sustainable farming practice – something that is becoming increasingly important no matter the size of the business.

Moreover, farm management software also benefits agronomists and workers. Agronomists can access relevant information via the app, making the collaboration and communication between them and the farmer much more efficient, and at the same time, the workers can conveniently keep track of the tasks assigned by the farmer or the agronomist.


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What Does Farm Management Software Consist Of?

The farm management software solutions offer various features to help farmers deliver the best results:

Farm mapping – Create a digital version of your farm for an accessible overview and monitoring.

Paddock management – Record and manage everything from planting and spraying to fertilisation and harvesting.

People and task management -Tracking working hours, issuing work orders, including details, location, user assignment and notes.

Inventory management – Keep an eye on the storage: record incoming materials and track the ones you’ve used up.

Reports – Create more accurate farm records including the cost of production, weather information and history of farm activities and make better decisions backed by data.

Agricultural and financial analysis – Learn from the mistakes and successes of previous seasons with automatically stored data. Compare management costs with planned revenue to avoid loss at the end of the season.

Audits and regulatory compliance – Farm management software can inform you about laws and regulations and help you run reports and prepare audits without having to fill out spreadsheets.

Scouting & NDVI – The fastest way to find trouble spots on the paddock, satellite NDVI helps keep a close eye on your fields at all times.

Weather monitoring – Accurate weather data on spray records helps comply with regulations and minimises the risk of litigation

Tracking and traceability – This feature allows the grower to track the produce from the paddock to the buyer to increase supply chain visibility, improve quality control systems, and reduce risk.

NDVI Remote Sensing With a Farm Management Software
NDVI Remote Sensing With a Farm Management Software

How Does Farm Management Software Help Grain Growers?

Highly beneficial for all types of farms and agribusinesses with tools to increase productivity and profitability, farm management software also caters to grain growers’ specific needs.

The most crucial part of every grain farm operation is crop planning. Good planning increases the average crop yield for the following rotation year, saves costs and time while decreasing the use of fertilisers and herbicides, and, therefore, promotes more sustainable farming practices. Farm management software allows farmers to create crop plans quickly and efficiently. For example, with eAgronom, one can plan a crop rotation that is sustainable, logistically optimised and complies with legislation for up to five years into the future, which means that something that usually could take weeks to complete can be ready in a matter of minutes. Need to change something? The software will provide a new plan based on the altered information. With eAgronom, the consultants go over each project so that the farmers can be confident in getting a tailored top-notch solution.

In addition to taking the pressure off one of the essential factors of a grain farm operation, farm management software can help grain growers with:

Soil sensors to measure soil temperature and moisture for the optimal time for sowing, fertilising and spraying.
Harvest period: keep an eye on the progress – how much has been harvested and what’s left to do.
Navigating the paddocks more easily thanks to the farm maps on mobile devices: save fuel, labour costs, machinery and the environment.

Farmer Using Farm Management Software on an iPad
Farmer Using Farm Management Software on an iPad

Best Farm Management Software Systems for Australian Farmers

Australian farmers often need to respond to challenging physical environments determined by climate, soil type and water availability. Well-managed farms can better protect themselves against threats posed by harsh conditions, and that’s where farm management software can lend a helping hand. Let’s take a look at a few examples of the best farm management software systems:


Farm financial management software designed explicitly by two farmers and accountants. Access livestock and crop information and financial data all in one place. The features include budgeting and planning, livestock, crop and milk production tracking, multi-farm management, and stock valuation calculation.


This cloud-native CTRM/ETRM solution allows businesses to manage the entire trading life cycle with advanced analytics to adapt to rapidly changing market dynamics and offers. The software involves a streamlined sustainability solution, including pre built sustainability reports, for monitoring the strategic use of energy and resources.

John Deere

John Deere’s leading precision agriculture software helps connect people, machines, technology, and insights. Collecting agronomic and machine operation data from sensors in the machines and the field – and information like weather and commodity pricing from external sources – optimises farm activities such as planting, tillage, and harvest and helps improve farm management.


AgriWebb is an agriculture software company aiming to transform the livestock industry by helping farmers with record-keeping, compliance and productivity. The software harnesses simplified on-farm data collection and analysis for improved management efficiency and allows transparency, profitability and sustainability across the supply chain.


Suitable for row crop and permanent crop platforms alike, Conservis is a cloud-based comprehensive farm management software system that connects data across the operation for better business management. It provides traceability through features like real-time record-keeping, planning and budgeting and allows connecting field data to finances for better risk management, cost control and improved profitability.


eAgronom is a cloud-based farm management software designed for grain growers to improve their record-keeping, organize their tasks and plans, and analyse their seasons. It starts with the paddock map – the whole farm and the crops grown on each paddock. Crop planner allows creating the rotation for up to five years into the future with a few clicks. Tracking the tasks in eAgronom results in clear and easy record keeping. The inventory feature helps growers stay up to date with products and avoid unexpectedly running out of stock. eAgronom also has a mobile app that works offline. When the season’s over, eAgronom puts growers’ data to use. The analysis screen allows comparing yields, task schedules, fertility, and profit. The agronomists have their own accounts in eAgronom, from which they’ll be able to access your farm and work alongside the grower.

Scouting With a Farm Management Software
Scouting With a Farm Management Software

Other Software in Agriculture

In addition to farm management systems, there are other helpful software to improve and streamline agriculture operations. Here are a few examples:

Smart irrigation software

These systems, used in conjunction with other agriculture software, optimise water usage throughout the crop lifecycle by helping businesses make informed decisions based on the collected data.

Feed mill software

Nutrient values vary according to animals and their age, requiring the change in feed throughout their lifecycle. The software can solve this otherwise time-consuming task and calculate the suitable formulation within no time.

Farm safety apps

Farm safety apps can help farmers identify hazards, assess and control risks, review control measures, record and report incidents, capture health and safety training records, record team meetings, and store emergency plans.


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