We don’t leave farmers out in the cold. Customer care is what we do!

eAgronom won the Polish award (Izydory 2020 Plebiscite)! Our clients rated eAgronom the most farm-friendly company in the Smart Agriculture category. We took it as a great honor, but it also motivated us. After talking with farmers, we know that they value the most comprehensive care we can provide.

Customer support and onboarding manager – meet Elmar!

Farm management computer programs have many advanced functions that can be complicated to operate. Not with eAgronom! First of all, we make our program easy to use – we’re constantly testing it for usability, and we take farmers’ comments seriously. Second, our Customer support and onboarding manager. Elmar is there from the moment you join. His first task is to introduce you to the program. That way things are clear from the beginning. Unfortunately, Elmar can’t do his trainings in person due to the current situation, but he will still provide a full overview of the program online. This time is for you to ask him questions and explore things that may at first seem complex. A specially tailored software allows you to follow your steps as you go. That means that Elmar will be able to help you when he notices you hesitating in a certain place, or if something seems too complicated. You don’t even have to install anything! Just log into your eAgronom account where everything is already set up. In the meantime, we will also send a guide via e-mail, in which we explain how to start working with the program, and the different functions eAgronom offers. This will allow you to return to information that you may have missed after the training.


Karlis from eAgronom – You can ask us anything!

We know that we pass on a lot of knowledge to you during implementation. We know you might not remember everything. This is why eAgronom has a representative in Australia Karlis. Those of you who already trust us know Karlis well and know that he can be reached by phone or by email from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday to Friday. With Karlis you always get great professional support. Karlis looks after your account throughout the subscription period and works alongside Elmar to solve problems that arise on an ongoing basis. You don’t have to worry that you won’t be able to cope with something as you work with eAgronom. Karlis will make sure that you can comfortably and calmly focus on the things that are important to you – and when you notice that some plant protection product is missing.

Too much data? We have specialists for that!

We realize that at the beginning, it can take commitment and time to get settled into eAgronom. We know farmers are busy, so we solved that problem for you. Don’t have the time to enter your plot data into eAgronom? No problem, we will do it for you so that you get the product ready for a specific job. For a small fee, our specialists will take care of the introduction of plots and applications so that you can be sure that everything is in the right place. At eAgronom, we will not leave anyone unattended!

Australian expansion Manager –  Teele

It is often the case that you decide to buy a specific package without knowing exactly whether it will be enough. We understand that perfectly. It is difficult to make a decision without knowing the program and your needs thoroughly. What’s more, at eAgronom, we try to introduce a lot of changes and functions on an ongoing basis, in order to make farmer’s jobs even easier. The functions you are interested in may appear during your subscription. Remember, however, that you can count on our sales team at any time. If you feel that you are missing something, that some function would be useful, do not hesitate. We want to hear from you! Call or write to Teele. Our team will make sure you are up to date on the program’s new features and will propose changes tailored to your needs and portfolio.


Our drive is to help farmers and respond to their needs – especially now, when we all have to make good, safe decisions. You can trust eAgronom because we are here to support you!


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