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eAgronom helps farmers run their farms. Designed specifically for grain farmers, the program makes it easy to plan, analyse,  manage tasks, employees, and paddocks. A holistic approach to crop planning allows farmers who use eAgronom to cut costs and see significant financial benefits while being sustainable in the long run.


The eAgronom story began with Robin Saluoks on his family farm in Estonia, Europe

When I was working on my father’s farm, we used some old software to keep things organized, but we needed 10 Excel spreadsheets in addition to that. I knew there had to be a better way to run the farm. I tested over 30 different farm management software applications and none of them were good enough. Many of them were aimed at supporting farmers on mixed farms, but they lacked the necessary functions for farmers who focused on grain farming. Some of them offered good agronomical insight but lacked financial features, or vice versa.

I didn’t find any of the software good enough to implement it into the farm, but since I was just beginning my IT studies, I started developing a program for my father’s farm myself. Fast-forward a few months and my father’s friends were already asking if they could access the software as well.

What is eAgronom’s vision?

Almost 3% of the cereal lands in the European Union are managed in eAgronom. This has given us a lot of data, and the sign is clear  – the most profitable way of growing is also best for the environment.

Farmers do not have to face the dilemma of increasing their farm profit at the expense of being environmentally friendly – actions that protect the environment are those that also help them maximize the profit. For example, by applying the right practices, farmers can “extract” CO2 from the air and turn it into organic matter in the soil.

Save the world by helping farmers to increase the profitability of their farms.

Conventional farming techniques remove carbon from the soil and can be very cost-effective for a few years, but over the long term, they increase fertilizer costs, crop protection costs and cause soil erosion. At the same time, farmers who continuously increase their soil’s organic matter content (bind CO2 from the air and improve soil fertility) will reduce costs and achieve more stable yields.

Our goal is to increase the number of hectares managed in eAgronom to 100 million over the next 5-10 years and save farmers in Europe, the Americas, and Australia up to 10 billion dollars each year. This means that all these farmers will “harvest” from the atmosphere 1 tonne of CO2 per hectare per year, improving their soil fertility in the process.


How does eAgronom help farmers?

eAgronom customers get new insights into the operation of their farm, because they can see all the information about their paddocks in one place. The program automatically shows the financial consequences of all agronomic decisions made in the farm. For example, if a farmer decides to add 10% more fertilizer, he can immediately see how this affects his net cost and whether or not the extra amount is actually feasible and sustainable.

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