Is your data safe with eAgronom? – Here are farmers’ 5 biggest concerns!

Farmers are concerned about the security of their data, the way it is stored and the risk of losing it. We get a lot of questions about what we do with the data that farmers give us. In this post, we address those concerns – we explain what data we collect and how we use it. We will also explain how we store and protect that data.

Few farmers realize that eAgronom is a fully independent company – we do not partner with agricultural machinery manufacturers, financial institutions, governments, or NGOs. As a result, farmers can enter their data into our system with the assurance that only they and eAgronom have access. How does it work?


1. How is my data stored?

A king protecting his castle doesn’t rely on only one defence: he builds walls, arms soldiers to guard them, and digs moats to keep the enemy away. We have a similar, multifaceted approach to keeping your data safe.

We have implemented various security measures to ensure the integrity, availability and confidentiality of information. These are the methods we use:

Encryption – data is stored as code instead of as plain text, so no one except you can read it.

Tool Protection – when we transfer your data, our employee devices, IT infrastructure and internal networks are secure.

These two safeguards ensure data security, limit risk and preempt threats.

2. Data suspended in the cloud – Is it secure?

The concept of the cloud may still seem abstract to many, but it is one of the most popular ways to store information on the internet today. The data exists on the internet independent of any individual device. The advantage is clear: paper notes can be damaged, destroyed or lost, and Excel files disappear after a computer crash. Cloud data, on the other hand, is always available.

At eAgronom, we take the security of our clients’ data that is “suspended” in the cloud extremely seriously. That is why we use Amazon Web Service (AWS), which is considered the safest in the world. How safe is it? NASA and the European Space Agency also use it. In other words, besides protecting your data in eAgronom, our security system is also launching missions to space.



3. What data does eAgronom collect and why?

In order to successfully manage a farm with eAgronom, we need your contact information, billing details and the details of the companies you oversee. This allows you to easily manage your farm in our program.

All that information is essential for eAgronom to provide farmers with access to their favorite functions – farm overview, field chart, field planning and history, analysis and reporting.

However, in order to improve and develop our services, we also analyze the behavior and preferences of users. We want eAgronom to be even friendlier and more useful for farmers.

Our goal is to provide both the highest level of service and the maximum level of data security.

We track the errors users encounter on our website in order to analyze how we can make the program even more useful and intuitive. In addition, we stay in constant contact with farmers, whether in person, by phone or by chat on our website. When we answer questions and solve problems, we take what we learn and use it to improve the program. For example, when some new users had difficulty importing their paddocks, we made a video to show exactly how to do so.


Sometimes we analyze customer behavior to see, for example, the average time spent on eAgronom or the average size of registered farms. This data is always anonymised and can never be used to identify any specific user.


4. Who can access the data I give eAgronom?

If you are the owner of a farm using eAgronom, you can decide how much data you want to show to your partners and employees.

It is up to you how much of your account other people can see: as much as the full version or as little as individual functions.

By adding employees to an account, you give them different roles. These roles grant or restrict access. For example, a field worker will see only the agrotechnical treatments necessary to complete the tasks you assign. Your accountant will only see the financial planning section and warehouse inventory. See the table for a complete list of employees and their permissions.

Within eAgronom, the only people who can access your data are our employees. Costumer Account manager for Australia is Elmar, who for example, uses farmer data to help farmers operate the program, and will contact them if necessary. Also, our local consultant Karlis, who can be reached at any time if necessary. All eAgronom employees with access to customer data are required to maintain its confidentiality and are subject to the data laws of Estonia and the European Union.

eAgronom employees never disclose your data to anyone outside the company, and no one else has access. The information you provide is only used by eAgronom.

5. Do you ever share my data with partners?

We take data security and privacy seriously.

As we mentioned above, eAgronom is completely independent. We do not disclose, share, or sell your data to anyone. Not your neighbor, government institutions, regulators, agricultural input producers, fertilizer producers, tractor and machinery manufacturers, banks, crop buyers, land lease companies or anybody else.

The only time we share data is when the user requests it specifically. In other words: only if you ask us to. The protection of your personal data is important to us. When we collect, process, or transfer information, we use security technologies and procedures that keep your data safe from unauthorized access or disclosure.

I’d like to try eAgronom now

eAgronom stores data securely and processes it carefully. Nobody outside the company can read or access your information. We collect your data for one reason only: to make life easier for you as a farmer. We use it to analyse your business in order to provide the most powerful farm management tools in the world.

At eAgronom, the farmer ranks first. That means data security is a top priority.

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