Here are 6 easy steps to prepare your eAgronom account for full operation

Starting to gather information about your farm in one place seems like very exciting and definitely necessary, but also a time-consuming challenge. Especially if it has to be combined with learning a new program. The joy of organized data should not be overshadowed by the thought of how to put things in a better and more efficient way.

eAgronom has created a program where you don’t have to worry about learning, because not only is it intuitive, we are ready to help you at every step. By actively using eAgronom, you will be able to achieve both your long-term agronomic and financial goals.

In this article you will find detailed instructions with the first steps to take when you decide to try eAgronom.

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1. Import or draw your paddocks

Once you have created your account in eAgronom, we will ask you to enter the paddocks of your farm.

  • One way to do it is send us shape files about your paddocks and we will be inserting them. If this sounds like something from a sci-fi novel at first, just give us a call!
  • Second way is to add them manually, by drawing the maps of the paddocks yourself. Just go to page “Paddock diary” and click “Draw new paddock”.

Either way, it is fast and convenient for you. After importing or drawing the paddocks, you will always have easy access to your paddock maps.

2. Add names/numbers to your paddocks

How do you recognize your paddock? By the number or name? We provide both these options and you can choose the most comfortable for you.

1. Go to the Paddock diary section, a map opens
2. Klick on the paddock on the map, and choose “Show details”
3. Klick on the dotted line on the right of “Paddock name” / “Paddock number”
4. Enter a name / number and select the appropriate period to which the change should apply
5. Click the green “Save” button


3. Set the crops and varieties

Once the paddocks are in the system, crops must be indicated.

1. Go to the page “Crops”
2. Each paddock will have this season’s crop, catch crop and undersow. Crop is needed for task adding, undersow and catch crop are there if you use them.
3. Click on the crop column where “–” indicates no crop has been selected for this season
4. Choose a crop from the list, or start typing the name of the crop.
5. Once crop has been selected, select the variety

Please note that if you have multiple paddocks with the same crop, you can assign crop in bulk by ticking the boxes in front of the paddock names and then choosing the crop.

You probably have lots of data in excel files. Just send it to us, we will be entering this data for you, up to 3 seasons!


4. Set the planned(expected) yield

Planned yield is one of the many, but one very important variable in the calculation of required fertilizers for the growing crop. For our system to help you calculate the needed NPKs for your crops,

1. Go to the page “Crops”
2. Go to the sub-section “Planned yield”
3. To add the expected yield to crop, click on the dotted line right of the crop
4. To add the expected yield to each paddock, click on the arrow left of the crop and then on the dotted line right of the paddock name

5. Add employees

With eAgronom, you can assign tasks to your employees and they will see all the necessary information about this paddock and the details of the task. How wonderful is that?

1. Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner and click “Settings”
2. Go to page “Employees”
3. Click on the green button “Add new employee”
4. Write down their name
5. If you want the employee to have access to the mobile application, tick “Can log in”
6. Fill in the required information and save it


CONGRATULATIONS! By following these 5 steps you have fully prepared your eAgronom account for practical use. Now let’s look at the first step of practical use:


6. Task adding and planning

You can finally get started with task planning! Adding to-do tasks or done tasks is quick and easy! Watch this video to learn more about task adding and linking tasks to the eAgronom digital warehouse:


These are the basic steps for using eAgronom. There are many other features that make farmers’ daily lives easier and help them improve their productivity and profitability in the long run. Be sure to check them out!

Customer support is always available!

To get successfully started with eAgronom, you only need to remember one golden rule – we are here to help you!

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us

  • by clicking on the orange chat button on the right corner of the screen
  • by emailing, calling or texting your account manager

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