Paddock overview always available

Paddock history

Get more precise paddock information to make easier, better decisions.

The paddock history tool provides you with complete information about your fields – their size, the crops cultivated there, agrochemical indicators of soil quality, activities performed, and more.

Harvesting analysis

Learn from your mistakes and successes. Get an overview of each paddock’s productivity and learn which activities improved the harvest and which did not.

Make more informed decisions so that you can make more precise plans and predictions next season, which bring higher yields.

Tools for efficient crop planning

Crop rotation

With the crop rotation tool, you can see past season crops and plan for the future. eAgronom automatically calculates organic matter based on each paddock’s crop history.  Make sure you are planning the right way: improve your soil fertility and productivity while reducing expenses.

Spraying planner

Create well-informed spraying plans that are designed for specific paddocks. Design a precise plan showing which product should be applied at what rate and when, and the exact cost.

Fertilisation planner

A powerful database of fertilisers is at your service. Plan and test organic and mineral fertiliser combinations to find the most cost-efficient solution for your paddocks. Compare each fertiliser’s N, P, K, S, and Mg values as well as the price per element. Get warnings when the application rate exceeds the product’s recommended usage norms.

Navigate through the paddocks with the mobile app

With the mobile app, see your current location and add notes about the situation on the paddock as you observe it.

That way you save time, and when you make your spraying and fertilisation plans, you never forget the details about the chosen paddock. Whether it’s crop evaluation, disease management, or comments on the state of the soil – all your notes are saved for you.

Are you ready base your decisions on the best farm software available? Save time, plan more efficiently, and get the best results with eAgronom!

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