Soil sensors are easy to install and easy to use!

Many farmers have shown interest in soil sensors, but few have actually bought them.

The reason is simple – so far, sensors available on the market have been expensive, hard to install,  and annoying to use.

In cooperation with eAgronom, IT company SuperHands accepted the challenge. After a successful test period, we can now offer our customers soil sensors that are affordable, easy to install, and integrated with eAgronom.

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Why should you use soil sensors in the field?

Soil sensors help you:

  • Time tasks – Soil temperature and moisture tell you when to sow, fertilize, or spray
  • Reduce costs of agrochemicals and fertilisers – fertilizations done at the wrong time don’t bring good results
  • Save time – you don’t have to visit the field yourself to review the soil situation
  • Predict yield – you can assess soil temperature and moisture fluctuations during the vegetation period
  • Use your workforce efficiently – don’t send your team to the field at the wrong time

It is very important not to sow the seeds into cold or too moist soil. Soil sensors helped us monitor soil temperature dynamics, thanks to which we delayed our Spring tasks until the right moment.

Rubert S. – Top organic farmer in Estonia

What sensors do we offer?

We are currently offering soil and air sensor – they measure soil temperature and moisture as well as air temperature and humidity.

The sensors pass data to eAgronom every 10 minutes. You can see the past 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, or a whole year – all through the eAgronom platform, you can make the best decisions!

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Coming soon:

  • Rainfall and wind sensors