eAgronom is an AgTech startup transforming the voluntary carbon offset market and accelerating the transition to net-zero farming.

Founded in Estonia in 2016, eAgronom’s farm management software, AI and remote sensing technologies allow farmers to get paid for creating carbon credits and access lower interest rates by adopting sustainable processes. eAgronom’s product suite measures, monitors and verifies on-farm carbon footprints to create high-quality carbon credits for corporate buyers. The startup has $6 million in backing from investors and has more than 1,500 paying farm customers covering over a million hectares of land across Europe.

Company outline

eAgronom is an AgTech startup transforming the voluntary carbon offset market and accelerating the transition to net-zero farming. eAgronom’s farm management software, AI and remote sensing technologies help grain farmers make better and more profitable decisions by providing real-time crop monitoring from fields, automated reporting, crop and yield plans, farm activity schedules and more. The company’s consultancy service offers advice on building future-proof, sustainable farms that receive income for restoring their soils by producing carbon credits that can be traded on Solid World DAO, a carbon marketplace established through eAgronom’s backing.

eAgronom was founded in Estonia in 2016 by the son of farmer and entrepreneur Robin Saluoks, computer scientist Stenver Jerkku and business veteran Kristjan Luha. eAgronom’s vision is to be the main source of truth on farms and make climate change the world economy’s number one business priority.

While agriculture is one of the major sources of global emissions today, it also represents a considerable opportunity for removing CO2 from the atmosphere. Soils constitute the largest carbon sink outside oceans, with scientists estimating soils have the potential to sequester over a billion additional tonnes of carbon a year. Large-scale adoption of sustainable farming practices is required, however, financial constraints and complex regulation remain key barriers for many farmers. At the same time, carbon offsetting has come under increased scrutiny due to a lack of transparency and measurability.

eAgronom’s separate carbon brokerage business, Solid World DAO, provides a transparent and fully automated carbon marketplace for high-quality, pre-certified carbon credits powered by blockchain and Web3 technologies. It helps farmers receive financing and get pre-paid for moving to sustainable farming practices and start-up soil sequestration projects. eAgronom’s product suite helps with the creation of high-quality carbon credits attractive to corporate buyers with its ability to measure, monitor and verify on-farm carbon footprints.

The startup has $6 million in backing and has more than 1,500 paying farm customers covering over a million hectares of land across Europe.

Investors: United Angels VC, Trind Ventures, TMT Investments, Black Pearls VC.


Robin Saluoks

As a co-founder and CEO of eAgronom, Robin drives strategy across the entire business, turning his vision of transforming agriculture into a key weapon to fight climate change into reality. Growing up on a farm into a family of farmers means Robin has a lifetime of knowledge and insight into the unique challenges and opportunities the sector faces. Having developed the first version of eAgronom’s farm management software specifically for his father’s farm, the start-up now has over 1,500 agribusiness customers. With a strong focus on sustainable agriculture, eAgronom is working with farmers to get high-quality carbon sequestration projects off the ground to take advantage of the exploding carbon offsetting market.

Founding eAgronom while still reading computer science at the University of Tartu in 2016, Robin took his first entrepreneurial steps when still at school by founding Kolm Põrsakest, an enterprise offering science shows to children that employs over 50 people today. A passionate public speaker, Robin was awarded the Young Entrepreneur of the Year accolade in 2018 and the AmCham EU Entrepreneur of the Year in 2019.

Stenver Jerkku

As co-founder and Chief Blockchain Officer at eAgronom and CEO of Solid World DAO, Stenver leads the team in pioneering work using the power of blockchain and Web3 technologies to create a fully automated carbon marketplace for pre-certified carbon offsets. As an avid follower and investor in the crypto space since its early days, Stenver is working to make the race to stop climate change the world’s number one business priority.

Previously COO and CTO of eAgronom where he developed the farm management software from the ground up. Stenver has worked as a lead developer for a number of successful technology companies, including Logica, Nortal and Glia. He has an undergraduate degree in computer software engineering from both the University of Tartu and Tallinn University of Technology.

Kristjan Luha

As co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer, Kristjan is driving eAgronom’s growth and expansion into new markets and verticals. With his commercial prowess and specialist skill in developing and implementing business growth strategies he expertly pursues the company’s aim of becoming the main source of truth on farms worldwide and helping agribusinesses with their sustainability journeys. Before co-founding eAgronom, Kristjan worked for Nike for two decades, amassing a wealth of international sales and strategic business leadership experience. He held roles including VP of Global Football Marketplace, was vice president and general manager of Nike Russia and general manager for Nike Greece and Cyprus.

He holds an MBA from Estonian Business School and a Masters degree in foreign economy and marketing from Tallinn University of Technology.

Margus Niitsoo

As Chief Product Officer at eAgronom, Margus is in charge of leading the development of technology that helps agribusinesses embrace sustainable farming practices and become active contributors to the soil carbon market. Previously head of eAgronom’s farm management software, Margus has a wealth of experience as a computer scientist across academia and the private sector. He was a computer science lecturer at the University of Targu for six years before founding and developing MatchMySound, a tool to help music teachers and publishers of music textbooks.

He holds a PhD and an MSc in computer science as well as an undergraduate degree in mathematics from the University of Tartu.


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