Mobile Apps – Farm Management in your Pocket

  • Easy to use mobile app for iOS and Android.
  • Maps – easily navigate around your fields.
  • Fields – simple access to related tasks, field details and soil samples.
  • Tasks – create, assign and keep track of task progress.
  • Inventory – manage products and transactions.
  • Harvesting – keep track of your harvesting loads and their quality.
  • Free – included in all eAgronom packages.
  • NEW! Offline support – access your data even without cell reception.

Seamless communication with your workers

  • Give clear instructions to your workers: task type, location, application rates, additional comments and more.
  • With a single click, workers can find their way to the field using their favourite navigation app (Waze, Google maps, Here maps… )
  • You, as a Farm Manager, will get immediate feedback from the field as workers mark their tasks done or add comments while on the field.
  • No double work – task details will appear in your reports with no extra manual work.
  • Your workers only have access to their tasks and no other information about the company.

Inventory management

  • Manage your inventory by adding, updating or removing transactions.
  • See what products and quantities you have in stock.
  • Filter out transactions based on task categories.
  • See all transactions that have been performed with the product.
  • Navigate to tasks that have been performed with the product.

Less Stress During Harvesting Season

For a grain producer, harvesting is often the most stressful time of the year. Workdays are long and operation has to run smoothly, information has to move fast and every delay has a high cost.

eAgronom mobile app helps to reduce stress by giving the Manager overview of:

  • how much has been harvested from each field,
  • how much is still to do,
  • what are grain quality and moisture levels,
  • comments from the field.

As workers fill in the load-data directly into eAgronom, instead of slips of paper there is no delay in the information and You can always access it any time, from anywhere.

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