Farm management simplified

We at eAgronom know that running a farm can be complicated.

Daily tasks include everything from farm chores on the field to buying seeds and products, arranging crop sales and managing workers, following government rules, and dealing with unexpected situations.

eAgronom provides you with the tools you need to run your farm by delivering complex data in a format that’s easy to understand:

Overview of your farm

Digital map of your fields

An interactive map gives you a complete visual overview of your fields and crops. In just a click you can see what tasks have been done on a specific field, what was grown there previously, and even how to navigate there.

Field diary

See a bigger picture of what is happening on the farm. Be up to date and in control. The field diary provides you with a variety of information about your fields – from their size, the crops cultivated there, the activities performed there, to even agrochemical indicators of their soil.

Open the field diary whenever you need to take a look at past season activities to remind yourself of what has been done this season or create a report for government officials.

Real-time inventory overview

See the balance of products in your inventory in real time. Keep a record of incoming materials and track the ones you’ve used up. Once a task is done, the materials used will automatically be removed from the digital inventory.

Everyday tasks, simplified

Harvesting analysis

Learn from your past experience using the harvesting analysis tool. Get an overview of each field’s productivity and learn which activities improved the harvest and which did not.

Harvesting analysis supports your decision-making process and helps to avoid under- or over-usage of crop protection and fertilizers. Work smarter, save money, and protect the environment.

Government reports

The great benefit of having all farm information in one place is that, with all tasks recorded in eAgronom, an automatically generated report is only a click away. You save time and effort and eliminate the mistakes that can appear when filling in reports manually.

The app automatically fills in all the necessary data for

  • Field history
  • Crop protection plan
  • Fertilization plan

Seamless communication with workers

Assign tasks and send all the necessary information to your workers directly. Save time on daily meetings, and eliminate mistakes and misunderstandings.

No need to worry about your workers forgetting what products to apply or which fields to work on. Workers see precisely what should be done on which field and which materials to use. You can track their progress in real time to see how much of the work has been done.

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