Why Join us?

The best thing about working in eAgronom is constantly hearing how we make farmers lives better. Farmers visit our office, talk in trainings, write to support how we have really made an impact in their lives. They dream with us of the vision of the future where farming will be simpler and smarter.

What inspires everybody here is the fact that if we are successful, we can truly have an impact on the entire world. By making grain farming more efficient, the entire world will be richer, more sustainable, and environmentally friendly.


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How we work

Farmer first

Everybody in our company visits farms. We ride tractors, harvesters, talk with farmers and learn from farmers. eAgronom is built by top agronomists, consultants, farmers, engineers, researchers and public figures. All these smart people come together to build eAgronom. Farmers even invested in us.

Set goals. Focus. Iterate

Instead of trying to achieve perfection on first go, we ship stuff fast. Only once something is out in the real world we can collect feedback and learn from it. Improving on feedback is what achieves perfection the fastest way possible. Focus brings results.

Be transparent

Transparency empowers people and removes fiction. We want bad news to spread fast and be brutally honest about it. We want people to have context to make the best decisions to reach their goals, not control them by just giving orders.

What our people say

“When I think about eAgronom, 4 words will immediately pop up in my mind. Freedom, Family, Fun and Caring. We are like big family which cares a lot about our users. Working hard to make their lives easier and we like it and have so much fun while we do it on everyday bases.”



“What I like the best about my work in eAgronom is that I grow together with a company. I’m surrounded by extremely talented people and we learn a lot form each other, that’s why eAgronom is growing like crazy!”



“I actually wasn’t looking for a new job at all when I joined eAgronom. The thing that really fascinated me was the idea of helping farmers and in bigger picture – might sound odd but – saving the world. Best part is that we are doing that with a young, evolving and powerful team of brilliant people.”



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