Independent agribusiness advisory

It’s hard to find a consultant whose goals are aligned with your farm’s goals. Usually, they earn based on how much they sell to you and focus on yield.

We should focus on profit, not just yield.

eAgronom offers an alternative – an independent partner with whom you can discuss all the important decisions in your company like crop rotation, fertilization plan, the budget and anything else needed in holistic farm management.

We built a team of top consultants in the world from the UK and elsewhere. They have ”hands-on” managed or consulted agribusinesses all over the world – UK, France, Spain, Germany, Estonia, Africa, Russia, Ukraine, USA.

Then we gave them Artificial Intelligence tools to give you the best advice.

We call the service AIA.

AIA looks at your business as a whole and focuses on your profit, not just yield. AIA helps you achieve more with what you have.

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Why AIA?

Fully independent – AIA doesn’t have any conflict-of-interest when giving advice – we don’t earn based on the quantity of inputs you buy

Top in their field – Our agribusiness consultants are experts in their field with 35 years of experience on average. They understand every aspect of farming – agronomy, finances, and management and have both `”hands-on” managed substantial Agribusinesses and consulted to farming businesses all over the world i.e. – UK, France, Spain, Germany, Estonia, Africa, Russia, Ukraine, USA,

Powered by AI – Our consultants are supported by our internal AI tools that help them make high-quality data-driven decisions. These tools help them notice issues that otherwise get buried in data and humans won’t notice, or would simply take too much time for humans to solve.

Holistic agribusiness advice – Full-time agronomist is going to cost you 30+ eur/ha and then gives you only agronomical advice. Our agribusiness consultants give you full holistic advice. Every agronomical decision has a financial impact – you need to look at the business as a whole.

The team

Our chief consultant is from UK, named Simon Boughton. He has outstanding achievements, for example, he turned one farm from loss to 4 million profit in 2 years.

Check out his full CV and achievements here.

Our senior consultant is also from UK, named Stephen Walker. His achievements are similarly outstanding, for example, he brought Black Earth Farming from loss to 1.9 million eur profit.

Check out his CV and achievements here.

What do the customers think of AIA?

“Simon knows what he is talking about it. He has gone through fire and water.“

“He helped me a lot by giving a fresh look at my business and wasn’t afraid to point out my weaknesses“

AIA has already identified for its clients through its powerful benchmarking, that businesses can easily make improvements to the bottom line more than €30/ha simply by optimizing their farm operations or inputs.

How does it work?

AIA business appraisal

Our consultants provide business appraisals on your farm based on the information in eAgronom. The appraisals provide suggestions on how to be more efficient and what seems to be going really well. Example appraisals include budget plan review, crop protection review, fertilization plan review, crop rotation review, etc.

AIA online advice through Chat (9-5 working hours)

Write to our AIA consultants any time you have a question about farm management. You can ask them anything through eAgronom chat, like “what fertilizer should I use on this field?” or “what do you think of my budget?”. You can also take pictures on the field to ask for advice – for example – take a picture of the disease and ask “what crop protection should be used here?”

Future AIA tools (in development)

AIA consultants use many AI tools internally to help them in decision making. We are in the process of making these tools available for the farmers as well. You will get exclusive early access to these tools to test them out and personally give us feedback on how to improve them.

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