The leading platform for bringing economic benefits to sustainable farmers

eAgronom enables agribusiness stakeholders to bring climate movement benefits to farmers. We are working with agribusiness dealers, banks, food companies, and landlords to make climate-positive food production profitable.


Pre-paid carbon credits for farmers

Diversify your revenue streams by helping farmers transition to net-zero farming.

Sustainable farmer loan
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Sustainable land program for landlords

Working together toward sustainable future

  • By offsetting a part of the carbon footprint of our office operations through the eAgronom pilot project, we have a good overview of how our operations meet all the criteria for offsetting and we can support the sustainability of local agriculture at the same time.

    With our support, farmers can carry out activities that are good for the environment which would otherwise remain undone

    Ragne Maasel, Head of ESG at LHV Bank
  • The carbon program helped us optimize fertilization and yield costs.
    This has resulted in a significant reduction in expenditure and will generate profits in the future from better soil quality and carbon credits.

    Julita Morawska, Morawscy Farm, 3000 ha
  • Our customer is soil. Positive humus balance is the main KPI on our farm. I’m happy to see that eAgronom rewards this!

    Rubert, 1500ha organic producer
  • Joining the eAgronom carbon program is an opportunity for farms to start introducing changes aimed at cost optimization, profit and environmental care. I was the first in Poland to take advantage of the payment for carbon credits and it was an important decision for my farm

    Michał Pietrasik, 3000 ha
  • In five years, it will be nearly impossible for a farmer to get a loan from the bank without a clear plan toward net-zero.

    Robin Saluoks, CEO of eAgronom

Empowering organizations that promote sustainable food production!

Farming is a very regional and relationship-based industry. This is why we partner with organizations that have a regional farmer network and know-how. eAgronom infrastructure takes care of GHG monitoring, data verification, and program certifications while enabling our partners to bring climate benefits to farmers.

For Partners – Bring carbon income to your customers

Become an eAgronom Carbon Program partner to:

  • Provide additional value to your customers.
  • Diversify revenue streams.
  • Help farmers transition to net-zero farming.

We partner with companies that have a regional farmer network. Perfect for agribusiness dealers (e.g. tractor), software providers, and consultants.

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For Farmers – Carbon Program for grain farmers

  • The only carbon program that pre-purchases your credits.
  • Future-proof the farm with diversified income streams.
  • Increase soil fertility, reduce costs of inputs and earn extra income.
  • A methodology developed together with the scientists and universities.
  • Technology to help maximise your benefits and simplify the work

Flexible participation – add or remove fields or exit the program at any time!

Learn how to earn carbon credits

For banks – Reshape your loan portfolio with sustainable loans

Do you want to reward sustainable farmers to reshape your loan portfolio, but don’t know how to detect them?

eAgronom infrastructure gives out green loan certificates to farmers who are EU taxonomy aligned or follow any other sustainable frameworks your bank wishes to implement.

The bank can focus on giving out the loans, while eAgronom takes care of everything else.

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For landowners – Increase the value of your land by rewarding sustainable farming practices

Buying land is a long-term investment. Positive carbon balance in the soil is like well-cared real estate, it increases in value! We enable bringing Sustainable Land Program to tenants and reward sustainable practices.

eAgronom takes care of soil health monitoring while you work on the incentives.

soil carbon benefits to farmers

Software – GHG Monitoring, Data Verification & Certifications

Using several input sources to cross-verify. Developing AI to detect fraud. Farmers are incentivized to provide high-quality data and improve baseline and risk ratios.

GHG calculators and planning tools
  • C-sequestration,
  • CO2 emissions,
  • N20 emissions, etc.

Using satellites 

And other technology to verify farm practice data.


And reports for creating credits, EU Taxonomy, etc.

We empower agroforestry promoters

We just love agroforestry! If you do as well, let’s partner up!

The challenge – agroforestry needs investment early, but economic benefits come later.

Our solution – we cover the cost of getting started and finance it by creating carbon credits.


Learn more about agroforestry financing

Over 1,500 farmers managing more than 1 000 000 ha of farming land can access eAgronom climate benefits.