eAgronom consulting is for successful farmers, who want to become even better.

It is the innovation each successful farmer needs:

  • Consultants with over 40 years of international experience will personally consult your farm.
  • A personal and holistic approach to your farm on a detailed level. We give you independent advice and help you understand how every decision affects other decisions.
  • Optimize your gross margins and production costs. Every agronomical decision is a financial decision. We help you understand how it’s all connected.
  • Fast, online, and accessible from anywhere. Ask your questions straight from your phone and inside a tractor, and get an answer immediately!

What do farmers say about our consulting:

  • I like to hear opinions from the outside – especially if it comes from an experienced, knowledgeable and open person. This allowed our conversation to run smoothly and effortlessly which is important. If at first, we were skeptical about this service and its potential benefits, then the very first conversation with Stephen proved the contrary.

    Sanita un Uvis Slakteri, SIA Mālnieki
  • You need to trust their experience, do what they say, and think in a similar way. Then it will surely work. If you start doubting their advice, then it will be complicated.

    Margus Kask, 4200 ha
  • Simon reviewed fertilization plan for winter wheat in a 1000 ha farm and managed to reduce the cost by € 50/ha (from 240 to 190 €/ha by changing the products – the plan itself, rounds and amount of elements remained the same.

    Argo, 800 ha
  • Simon knows his subject and can talk about it properly. It is difficult to find such advisors, most of them are salesman and they talk about the things and reasons that help them sell.

    Kaspar, 350 ha
  • Our yields are definitely higher this year, we got double the wheat, 4 tons of oats and rape is the most beautiful I have seen – 1.4 tons/ha. It’s all the little details that Simon suggested. He also suggested wasting less money on pointless fertilizers.

    Madis Pajo - 550 ha
  • I like the cash flow and budget side of the consulting. Crops are secondary – once we sort out the financial stuff, we can successfully deal with crops.

    Andres, 1600 ha farm
  • I like that it’s online and I can use it everywhere. I can use it straight from tractor

    Michał Debner - 550 ha
  • Simon encouraged me to use less water in plant protection. I’ve thought about this, but he had the experience to confirm my thoughts. This saved me time and helped me get 20% of more tasks done and could finish spraying in one pass – it made me more efficient.

    Romet Rässa - 670 ha
  • The mixes for a conventional farmer cost about 7-13 €/ha and are made of micronutrients and magic (amino acids etc). Our suggestion was to use liquid N with every spray, which costs him 3 €/ha and he probably will apply this 3-4 times. So overall, there’s not a big difference in cost, however, we are certain that our suggestion gives better outcome than any micro-magic mix.

    Piibe, agronoomiline nõustaja


Farmers have various sources of agronomical information – from government-funded consultants, farming union agronomists, to “free” consulting by the resellers. However, none of those deeply look at the specific farm and provide both agronomically and financially sustainable solutions for the farm. All of them focus on specific problems, not a holistic solution.

Most of the farmers either research solutions themselves or they consult with various sources and then make the best possible decision on their own – whatever seems to be the best at the time. This takes up a lot of the farmer’s time and each of the decisions is isolated and not looking at the farm as a whole. On top of that, rarely the financial side of the farm is considered.


We believe that all farmers should have access to affordable professional advice and farmers should not be the hostages in their own industry. 

While some of the farmers are able to be profitable without subsidies, many of them are not happy with their financial results

We believe that online consulting used together with powerful software is the best way to get world-wide knowledge to your farm

eAgronom Consulting is a personal and independent agribusiness consulting for successful farmers who want to be more successful


You will have your farm reviewed by consultants with over 40 years of international experience. They will take a look at your farm as a whole and give you independent, holistic advice. They will also consult you about advice from other consultants in your region and help you understand how one decision affects other decisions on a detailed level.

  • You will get personalized crop rotation that’s generated by AI and personalized by the consultant.
  • You will get a personalized growth plan that focuses on optimizing your production costs and increase profits.
  • You will optimize your gross margins and production costs through budgets, analysis, and benchmarking against other companies
  • You will get independent machinery advice for buying new equipment that’s suitable for your farm
  • Your farms will be monitored through fieldwalking, field pictures, and satellite NDVI



Our consultants will visit your fields a few times a year to collect information about the local conditions, and will then monitor your fields through satellite and pictures sent by you to help you make decisions on the spot continuously.


Our consultants are monitoring your company through eAgronom and will send you suggestions and plans continuously.


You will have regular video calls with our senior consultant to discuss the issues of the day. The calls are conducted with local consultants, who help with translations and ensure advice applies to local conditions. The topics include everything from agronomy until company finances, focusing on increasing efficiency.


You can use the eAgronom mobile app to write or send pictures to our consultant’s at anytime, anywhere and get fast responses to your questions.



Farming is a lot more than agronomy – every agronomical decision is a financial decision. Local consultants give you advice on specific problems. Our agribusiness consultants give you holistic and independent advice ties all information together. We help you understand how every decision effect’s other decisions and help you become even more successful than you are.


eAgronom consultants are top of their field with over 40 years of international agronomical experience. Hiring such a consultant to manage your farm usually costs around 120 000 eur/year. We can offer you the same advice for a fraction of a cost.


eAgronom consulting has helped the most successful farmers globally to save up to 80 eur/ha, double the speed of the tasks they can get done, increase yields, and reduce risk. We help farmers who are already profitable without subsidies become even more profitable. We can help you too.


eAgronom consulting can be used anywhere – from inside the tractor, or on the field. From inside a car or at your home.  Straight through your phone or from your computer. Most of the answers in under 1 hour.