Opportunity to earn extra income on your farm! 

 Be among the first to join the carbon initiative, in 2 simple steps:

1.   Sign a pre-agreement to confirm your interest

2.   Choose in the future if you wish to join the program or not

Increase profitability through sustainable farming


How does it work?

1.  Farmer confirms the interest to join the program by signing a pre-agreement.

2.  eAgronom finds potential carbon credit buyers.

3.  Record historical data and make a plan to add new practices.

  • eAgronom Consulting works with the farmer to develop a holistic plan with a goal to achieve best financial results, reduce carbon emissions and increase soil carbon level.
  • Farmer decides to go with proposed plan or adopt his own choice of practices.

4.  New practices are implemented in the farm and recorded with eAgronom Software.

5.  Calculate impact – eAgronom calculates the carbon credits generated on your farm, based on reduced co2 emissions and increased carbon level in the soil.

6.  Farmer receives payment – Credits are sold to corporate buyers and other organisations. Farmer gets paid for the carbon credits.


  • What is a carbon removal?

    • A carbon removal represents one tonne of carbon dioxide (CO2) that has been removed from the atmosphere for a minimum of 10 years.

  • What is a carbon credit?

    • A carbon credit is an offset purchased by companies as one way to reduce their impact on the environment. As buyers make large scale commitments to drastically reduce their carbon footprint, they want to purchase carbon credits – which represent greenhouse gases removed or avoided – to drive environmental change beyond what they are capable of today within their own business.

  • Who should sign up for eAgronom Carbon project.

    • Are you interested in building long-term profitability on your farm?

    • Are you working to sustain and build your business for the next generation?

    • Are you considering new practices but want insights & support from experts to ensure success?

    • If so, eAgronom carbon initiative could a great fit for your farm.

  • What will I need to do to be eligible for carbon credit payments?

    • Adopt or advance at least one new carbon farming practice: adding cover crops, increasing cover crop diversity or growth period, reducing tillage or fertiliser use, or diversifying your rotation.

    • Experience an increase in overall carbon sequestered and greenhouse gas emissions reduced on your farm, as determined by eAgronom using your management information.

  • What kind of practices i would need to change in the farm?

    • Adding cover crops (for the first time, extending the duration, or diversifying your mix)

    • Diversifying your crop rotation

    • Reducing or eliminating tillage

    • Reducing fertiliser (reducing N or switching to injection)

  • What kind of information will I be required to submit in the future?

    • Management practice information for 3-5 years of historical as well as current season details about planting and harvest dates, fertilizer types, amounts, and application dates, and tillage types and dates, as well as information on cover crop types, dates, and planting and termination methods, and organic amendments where applicable.

  • How much is a carbon credit worth?

    • Currently, high-quality carbon credits are traded in 10-30 euro range. Actual price depends on supply and demand. eAgronom will target potential buyers at the higher end of that range.

    • In the end, the price depends on the what buyers are willing to pay, as well as verification and administration costs.

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