eAgronom launch Solid World for blockchain-powered carbon removals ecosystem

solid world DAO

Climate is on everyone’s agenda. Farmers know firsthand how changing weather affects their business. And other businesses are understanding its impacts on their goals as well.

That’s why our actions should be nothing short of decisive. It’s in everyone’s best interest to find solutions and create meaningful climate actions together.

Whichever way you decide to tackle it, it is a massive challenge. And if the goal is to do better by 2050, we haven’t got much time left. We must move in strides now.

At eAgronom, we seize this opportunity to build on our award-winning expertise and technology to adapt better decisions in the fields. To accelerate climate action, we aim to invigorate the carbon removal economy by realigning incentives with the help of blockchain technology through Solid World.

Solid World works to scale the development of high-quality carbon removal projects by providing liquidity, transparency, and accessibility through Web3 and blockchain technology. Some core features we seek to address are:

  • Make funds accessible to kickstart high-quality carbon projects
  • Accelerate meaningful climate and biodiversity action
  • Reinforce credibility in carbon markets

Pre-financing carbon projects to accelerate action

Solid World complements our Carbon Program which enables farmers to get paid for carbon credits generated through environment-friendly farming practices. With Solid World, high-quality carbon projects can receive funds at the crucial early stages where setting the right foundations can make a big difference in improving expectations and outcomes.

When funding comes more readily at the start of carbon removal projects, climate action and targets can accelerate.

Transparent treasury and automated protocol

Utilising a modified OlympusDAO fork, Solid World also aims to help scale the development of carbon projects and markets with automated protocols coded directly into its blockchain network. This is the basic concept behind DAO (or decentralised autonomous organization). The DAO incentivises Solid World token-holders to consolidate decisions together to reach agreements, enabled upon the set of rules programmed into the DAO itself.

As carbon markets continue to mature, the integrity of carbon trading platforms should advance as well. Blockchain technology provides exactly this through the inherent transparency built in its distributed infrastructure.

Transactions and digital assets derived from blockchain serve as immutable proof of authenticity. When credits for offsetting greenhouse gas emissions are virtually tied to cryptocurrency tokens, as in Solid World, projects and businesses alike are provided an accessible system to interact with carbon offset markets with improved efficiency.

Authentic credits and reliable markets for carbon

solid world marketolace

Unlike other carbon platforms, Solid World gives a bigger focus on carbon credits that are authentic and high-quality. Verified high-quality carbon credits must have adequate assurances on sequestration permanence, unambiguous measurements, and provisions to manage carbon reversals and leakage risks.

Solid World is also working to develop a carbon marketplace where carbon credits buyers who want to financially contribute to more climate action and other social, environmental, and economic co-benefits of carbon projects, or to neutralise their unavoidable emissions can do so in one place.

In the Solid World ecosystem, pre-certified carbon credits are turned into a commodity layer called SCT (Solid Carbon Ton). The co-benefits of each unique carbon removal project are extracted from all carbon credits and generated as NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

→ To deep-dive into Solid World, check out the white paper.

Save our solid world

“The digital world is amazing, offering unlimited possibilities, however, we urgently need to save our solid world. Climate change is the greatest challenge that humanity has ever faced. The private sector has to step up to solve the crisis and is in the best position to do so as it has the power to move fast and reach far. The emergence of Web3 has opened up the opportunity to bring radical change to the entire carbon economy and Solid World will provide a big boost through pre-certified carbon credits. Over time we aim to tackle more of the bottlenecks and roadblocks faced by the sustainability movement,” said Stenver Jerkku, Solid World Chairman.



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