Crop planning is HARD

You need to account for laws, agronomical rules, logistics, the market situation, and field history

Crop planning takes a lot of time

According to eAgronom research, it takes a 500 ha farm a whole week to plan a single year

Bigger farms take longer

Some farms say it takes a whole year, because they keep changing their minds

Over 90% of farmers plan 1 just year at a time

They plan themselves into a corner, which means fewer good choices in the future

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Our crop planner makes you a 5 year plan in minutes

The plan is agronomically sustainable, logistically optimized, and even accounts for laws and regulations. You can even consider market prices when setting up your crop split.

Our consultant will review and optimize the plan

The plan combines the machine’s power with a human’s expertise

It is personalized according to your farm’s needs

You can have a solid plan in half a day

Plans change

You can always rerun the planner as things change

The results converge into a better solution after each re-planning


Crop planning is the core element of every grain farm

A good crop plan decreases the application of fertilisers and herbicides by 35% and 25%, respectively

A good crop plan increases average crop yield by 3-4% for the following rotation year

By improving logistics, a good plan saves fuel, time, and eliminates weather risks

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