Always be on top of the actual crop costs throughout the season.

Compare running costs with planned revenue to avoid loss in the end of the season.

Analyse fields to identify mistakes and learn for the next season.


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Key Features

Crop analysis

  • Income, input costs, machine operation costs
  • Costs grouped automatically by types
  • Projected (running) and actual EUR/ha
  • Dive deeper into every direct cost
  • Costs connected to tasks and inventory

Machine operation costs

  • Fuel costs and wages
  • Use own price or eAgronom method
  • Costs per every machine train
  • Manage your machinery in eAgronom

Field analysis

  • Yield t/ha
  • Costs and gross margin €/ha
  • Tasks timeline
  • Application rates and nutrient efficiency
  • Soil analysis
  • Field performance comparison


  • Until now I have tried to make such an analysis in Excel and spent a lot of time on it. I think that eAgronom is on a correct path and I can see myself using that tool.

    Jorma Tamm, 937 ha
  • It is a tool to show to a farmer what are the running costs in the farm and what are problems in the farming processes. Analysis shows in-depth what part of farming processes is weak – is it some weed, pest, tractor operator or something else.

    Edgars Valters, organic farmer
  • eAgronom analytics is a really nice feature which shows differences. You can choose two fields and all the information is visible. I can already tell that’s really useful for me.

    Paweł Hildebrandt, 330ha
  • Here, in eAgronom I really like that it’s very clear to understand what’s where, the overview is very good and everything is in one place. All of the information is accessible right away. These simple and easy to look through tables are very nice and it’s very intuitive to go to every page.

    Tomasz Milicki, 513 ha
  • It’s really fantastic, in a few clicks I can see almost everything. At any time during the season, I can go to each crop and see how much money I have spent. I don’t need to do my analysis in different places. Previously I did it in different Excel tables, but that took a lot of time.

    Nikodem Maćkowiak, 290 ha
  • I like that I see the big picture and also can drill down on each budget heading into details.

    Stephen Walker, agribusiness advisor
  • I can see that a lot of work has been done on Analysis tool. It gives very good overview about the business and fields – all of the data is in one place.

    Margus Lepp, Vändra OÜ, 4200 ha
  • If I have 200 fields and I get different yield from them then I don’t know why. Then I start to think if the soil is different or something else. If I take eAgronom field comparison then I can instantly see why it’s like that.

    Kulno Rehkalt, 3100 ha
  • The value of crop costs is that it gives a chance to evaluate what could be done better to reach the desired objectives. Both crops and fields analysis go hand in hand. It’s important to see costs per crop and also to see which fields give better results and which fields are the ones, that slow your business down.

    Jānis Sietiņsons, 452 ha organic farmer


  • Get an overview of main costs and revenue of every crop
  • See how input costs build up on crop
  • Compare your financial plans with reality
  • Decide whether extra operations are worth doing on the crops
  • Understand if you’re over or under budget by each cost category
  • Know how much you spend on machine operations
  • Drill down to every single direct cost


  • Compare fields by yield and gross margin
  • Know your costs per field
  • Decide what practices worked on fields and what not
  • Find production mistakes and ways to improve profitability
  • Decide what field needs extra care
  • Pay a fair rent for the quality of the field


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