Agroforestry financing

We finance agroforestry projects!

It is almost impossible to reach zero emissions in farming, but it is possible to reach net-zero food production by implementing trees on the farm.

We are fans of agroforestry and want to empower people and organizations who promote it.


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How does it work?

Our partners are organizations and individuals who have good connections with farmers and want to promote agroforestry.

Setting up an agroforestry system requires initial investment and care, while economic benefits usually come later. This is where the eAgronom carbon program steps in to bring economic gain already from day 1.

We help to turn the additional CO2 sequestration into carbon credits and are ready to pay for it in advance before the sequestration happens. Carbon credit pre-payments help to cover the initial agroforestry setup and maintenance costs.

Possible financing schemes:

  • We cover the cost of implementation of agroforestry systems
  • We pay annual payments to the farmer for sequestering carbon
  • We help the farmer generate carbon credits to keep them (and possibly sell later)
  • Combination of different schemes

How to get started?

Even the thousand-mile journey starts with the first step.

We usually start from the small-scale pilot (up to 5 farms) to get to know each other and then scale up if the collaboration works well.

If you are interested in collaboration then please write to  

About eAgronom

eAgronom mission is to build the infrastructure to bring climate benefits to farmers.

We envision a future where food production is fully sustainable and climate positive. We believe in helping farmers to build a long-term partnership with nature, but understand that short-term financial benefits are needed to accelerate it. These climate benefits are extra income from carbon credits, better access to capital, smaller land rent, and higher production value.

eAgronom GHG Tooling is a plug-in infrastructure for agribusiness dealers, banks, food companies, and landlords to reward farmers who do good for nature.