Top specialist have come together to have an impact to the world

We are 35 people strong team who is passionate about making the world a better place. We believe that the best way to do it is by empowering farmers across the world to have better data about their farm in order to make better financial and environmental decisions.

Robin Saluoks

CEO - Founder

The One With Vision

Stenver Jerkku

COO - Founder

Finder of Awesome

Kristjan-Julius Laak

Product owner


Karl-Aksel Puulmann


Engineering Engineers

Marta Makote

VP of Customer Success

The Sunshine

Mats Johanson

Señor Developer

The Code Doctor

Kristel Paal

Human Resources Manager

Team Playa

Marion Kallakas


Le Gal Advisor

Al William Tammsaar

Data Scientist

Cup of Team

Ella Käi-Edo

Customer Relations Manager

Your Daily Dose of Star Wars

Mr. Maurus

PAWSitivity Specialist

The bestestest boy in the world

Nauris Liberts

Business Developer in Latvia

Buzzer Beater

Elizabete Andersone

Marketing Specialist

Shhhhh.. Coffee First

Monika Klimczak

Content Marketing Specialist

Animal-Patting Lover

Sander Siim

Full-Stack Developer

Code Singer

Ondřej Zelba

Business Developer in Czechia

Countryside Traveller

Adam Mikołajczak

Business Developer in Poland

Ambitious Adventurer

Lota Plezere

UI Developer

Veggie lover

Carmen Kirst

UX Researcher

Muesli Bar Fan

Andres Täht

Full-Stack Developer


Uku Pattak

Full-Stack Developer

Ancient God

Taavi Ilves

Security Expert

The Zengineer

Kaarel Tinn

Full-Stack Developer

The Actual Football Player

Vaido Pechter


Fantasy Football Champion

Helina Järs

CS for Estonia

Listening Doer

Jana Mariaková

CS for Czechia

Social Butterfly

Patryk Jarzębski

CS For Poland

My Cat Has a Fanpage

Mihai Negrisan

Customer Success Manager for Romania

Managerul de succes

Sophie Gehmacher

Customer Success Manager for Germany

The Mountain Fairy

Priit Märtin

Business Consultant


Teele Tuuling

Business Developer

Positively Powerful