Why does eAgronom exist?

More than 60 people wake up every day with a deep feeling in their hearts. These are the people behind eAgronom. They are talented engineers, designers, farmers, scientists, advisors, and trainers who have taken action to steer the world toward a better future. A future where every person on Earth can enjoy a healthy and affordable meal, and live in a clean, sustainable environment. They dream of a world where farmers are wealthy and happy, have the resources to make better decisions, and get to spend more time with their family.

How do we do it?

We bring existing digital tools to every farmer on the planet in the simplest way possible. We know how hard farmers work, and we know they don’t earn enough. We give farmers more information about what is going on their fields so they can make better decisions next season. We know running a farm can be stressful. This is why we want to provide tools that give farm owners more time to be with their family, more time for their hobbies, and more time to relax – even during harvest time. We reduce the stress that can arise from having to comply with laws and regulations and needing to report to regulators. We provide complex tools to analyze the data farmers already collect.

What do we currently provide?

We have pursued our mission alongside farmers for four years, and we will continue to do so every day, long into the future. eAgronom’s service is in constant development. We improve every day, year after year. Our farmers have identified three essential benefits that we provide:
More time during the season
  • You as a farmer are doing the same tasks that you would regularly do, but you do a fraction of the data entry. You make the right decisions already before the season starts – a large part of the software is for planning the best possible season going forward, exactly how you’re used to doing it.
Real-time overview
  • For managers and agronomists, we offer an overview of the whole company, a complete overview of upcoming tasks for tractor operators, a complete inventory for accountants, and more.
  • When the season is over, you can learn from past mistakes and improve on your successes.

We provide a professional training program from day one and ongoing customer support that farmers love. We go to farmers and they come to us to plan the future of farming. We believe that the simplest solutions are the best.

Our aspirations

Plans change and the road is long. We promise to always strive toward our vision. Here are some specific directions that we are already working on or aspire to move toward:
  • Automatic alerts about laws and regulations so you don’t get fined
  • Precision farming tools presented clearly and in one place to reduce costs and environmental impact
  • Operator working hour management for less management overhead
  • Machine integrations, machine planning, and analysis for reduced management and cost


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