Enabling grain farmers to focus on farming

eAgronom was built by farmers for farmers. We know how much you love to spend time on the fields instead of filling notebooks and excel tables.

Learn how you can run a more profitable farm and at the same time, have more time for your family.

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Simplify your work and make better decisions

  1. Import all your fields in a few clicks
  2. All your fields on one map
  3. Simple overview of your everyday farm activities
  4. Automatic field diary, crop protection report and fertilization report
  5. Always up-to-date state of your inventory
  6. Analyze your fields to get better yield and lower the costs


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  1. Seamless communication with your employees
  2. Overview of task progress on the fields
  3. Navigate to the fields
  4. Counting harvesting loads and quality

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Hundreds of farmers have chosen eAgronom

  • eAgronom is being developed together with farmers, which makes it really farmer-friendly application to use

    Tonis Ajaots, 2000+ ha seed producer
  • Great job by your team, I don’t know what to do with all the free time I have! Good luck!

    Tiina Lomp, 3000 ha conventional producer
  • The most important thing is that my field diary is always up to date with correct data

    Egert Adrat, 150 ha conventional producer
  • In the past all the planning and analysis was done in 10 Excel tables. In eAgronom everything is simply in one place, precise and fast.

Our Customer Support is always there for you

We know that getting started with something new can be intimidation, that’s why you will always have our lovely customer support backing you up along the way

We will help you to set up everything from the very beginning and we will always be there for you to answer all of your questions.

We will provide you with seasonal training to learn all the tips and tricks to get the most out of eAgronom.

Over 700 000 hectares of grain land is already managed in eAgronom

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